Thursday, 31 May 2012

Trampoline and chalk = quiet kids

This has kept my kids playing quietly for hours at a time its great!!!  Why I never thought of it before this day is beyond me!    On a hot day swimsuits and a hose to wash it all off to start over!
love the army tank and helicopter with love hearts on the other side of my 11 year old such a Tween!!!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Link Party

A Glimpse Inside
The Shabby Nest Photobucket

making it purty!!

I have had these dark glass jugs around my house since we moved into this house. I put fake flowers in them but then I saw this post HERE as some inspiration to make them nicer
So all you needs is obviously a jug of any type. Once again I am cheap so I use what I have on hand or can usually get for free :)  and twine of some sorts mine was just garden twine and hot glue - amazing how many things are so much simpler to do just because of the hot glue gun.

So here is the end result

and back it goes to its spot on my redone end tables! (thats a whole other post)

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Update on hatching eggs

There is none bwhahahahah so far no success!! - most weren't fertilized or just didnt take.   Gonna have to have a chat with my little rooster who I think is sooo flippin cute!  I think he isnt even a year old yet sooo hey give the guy a break right?.......  I put some more eggs in two might have something happening in them must candle them again - and to be honest I have not been as diligent with the 'bator as I probably should be. So some of it is my fault to.

Gonna Grow me some Wheat Grass

WHY? cause I was bored -  sooooo I made this - I want to grow wheat grass in it - we shall see how it all turns out.  and really what do you do you with it once it gets soooo big? can I just keep it nice and cut all even along the top? 
We shall see knowing me I shall probably tuck it somewhere and forget it and it will DIE!!! or become a huge mess of long half dead grass.  will update this pic soon when I have some grass and what actually happened to it.  I really dont have much room anywhere in my house for more plants.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Treasure hunting!

I am always on the look out for more junk mean treasures.  Alot of the neighborhood kids play up in the hill across the road from us its a forest and what not, lots of fun and in behind someones property is someones junk pile and the kids told me it had all kinds of neat stuff in it.
So I thought I should check it out not only for safety reasons but heck for treasure!  I found this for my flowergarden/ yard - I have a rule that anything ornamental for outside has to be 10$ or less sooooo mostly FREE yes I am cheap!!!!!!  One day i will take pics of my flower beds/gardens and all the little things they have tucked away in them but that is another post.
So anyways i went up the hill with youngest daughter and she showed me the forts (amazing how many little misc household items they have squirreled away up there) and the junk pile which is  mostly old pots and such not to bad might go up there with a big garbage bin and clean up some of the glass stuff before it gets broken.  I was about to leave when i think i spotted an old broken tiller like old old and then I found this little thing I may go back up for the bigger broken thing but this little tiller was so cool all old and rusty and i have the perfect spot for it just need to finish fencing in the yard first and find a way to secure it so it doesnt go "missing" on me

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Birdcage redo

I dislike indoor birds but I do love a birdcage indoors sooo of course it must be repurposed and this is what I did with my find ( ok once again I got it from my mom !  I love that my mom collects just as much junk as I do or keeps her eyes open for junk for me)
I was gonna leave it white but I thought it would be funner to do this and I was right!!! of course I LOVE IT!! now I want to add more bits of bright bright color to my house along with all the aged white distressed wood stuff!  The plant in it is Jasmine that still needs to grow a bit but I cant wait for it to fill and climb the bird cage