Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Remember this....

Gonna grow me some wheat grass..

well here is the update bwahaha ok so it died it got a few inches tall i neglected it and it died!   But not all is lost it turned out to be an excellent.............

Kitty bed!!!!!!!  note the dead grass hanging down the edge and kinda shoved up the window in the back teehee


computer desk re-do

So I was going to make a desk i have plans and drawings all done up and everything but with summer and it being busier then normal for me with work and all that great stuff I knew I would not be getting around to it for at least a few more months.  Also I need to start practicing my furniture re-doing painting skills so that when I go to do a few more important to me pieces of furniture I will hopefully have a clue to what I am doing.  So why not start with my old laminate computer desk which by the way I LOATHE!!!!!!
anyways here are the before and after

Oh and inside I put this!!!   Hot glued down and everything I hate the coffee ring!!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012


It was a beautiful day and I was feeling lazyish - who wouldn't and all I wanted to do was relax outside in the sunny shade and read a book - I don't have a nice lounge chair sooooo the next best thing is.......or better thing is............
Got my idea HERE   with instructions for a quick DIY hammock - I think there shall be at least 3 more made by the end of summer. cause this one folks IS ALL MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!
anyways I went scrounging around for material I knows I have a stash of some somewhere in the many containers of misc that I have in my house or crafting area. I found a big piece in the bottom of a bucket

If you cant find enough material an old sheet will do.  If you want it extra sturdy you could sew two sheets together.   I did hem the sides and just made the fold at each end to put the string through. 
Now the hard part finding somewhere to hang it and one wouldn't think that would be to hard in my yard with all the trees we have but thing is most of them are along the road and now outside the fence we just put up.
Here is the end result must now find a little table set to put beside it for drinks and other treats for me whilst I relax a sunny afternoon away.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Potatoe cages

Last summer we took out our garden cause it really wasnt in the best location and I wanted raised gardens instead (still waiting for the raised part)  oh that and with working and the kids and blah blah blah I just didnt want to have to keep up a huge garden so this year we will be trying some new ideas that I have found here and there online
One of them is Potato cages
You need wire I used just square wire (good golly that is technical isnt it?)
straw ( i had lots left over from my chicken coop cause I load it full to the brim in the winter)
seed potatoes

First layer some straw and then make it a nest so it climbs up the sides then fill in the nest with soil - put your potatoes along the outside - try to get the eyes facing out.  Cover the potatoes with dirt then make another nest one top of that with straw so on and so forth until you reach the top - i want to put some plants in the top to like hmm you could put flowers or say some other veges like spinach or lettuce or something.  Will update this when they start to sprout - If the start to sprout lol

My helper - Gracie

This was taken on June 20th and yep they are definitly sprouting!  I wonder if its to late to make some more?

So they did work - they died but not because they didnt work mostly cause i got busy and forgot to water them!   I got a nice pan full last night of new potatoes for supper mmmm sooo delicious!!!
Next year I think I will be placing them over in the one corner of our yard and I will put either a) a soaker hose through the middle of all of them or b) a piece of PVC pipe with holes drilled in it down the middle of them to make watering them easier  but definitely will have at least 6 or 7 of them in the yard  also note to self put bean plants along fence in the one corner!!!!