Thursday, 29 November 2012

Christmas Burlap Wreath

So excited going with a theme for Christmas upstairs this year  - Burlap/rustic/country

But here is my first attempt at a Burlap Wreath got my inspiration and a LOT of help from this tutorial Here
I used one of these metal wreath forms and a roll of Burlap. 

 Got some "help" from Daisy must of done at least 3 laps around the house collecting all the burlap back.

Ended up with this thanks to the above tutorial


 Added a bit of this and that and voila (still not sure about the ribbon)

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Pallet wine rack

I had gotten a pallet awhile back - broke said pallet trying to make a wine rack.
So I remade the pallet and turned it into this which I love and cause I am not so great at taking pictures doesn't look near as good here as it does in my kitchen!!

I bought a new rake for the wine glass holder but decided I liked the one out in the yard better so I used that instead.

Anyways its another project that I wanted to make and have finally completed - now to finish off the rest of the kitchen

Thursday, 8 November 2012

November Chick!

Out of the hens I bought over the summer 1 of the little silkies decided to go broody on me in the beginning of October.  I didnt think that she would honestly hatch anything out but let her sit anyways just cause.
So on November 7 I did a quick check of the eggs - didnt see much but as I was putting the eggs back under the mama I heard one of them peeping a few hours later I had this little guy

Here is the mama and baby soooo cute